About Game-U

About Game-U

GAME-U is an after school program designed by Game Industry Professionals which teaches kids how to design and build their own video games and robots. We cover all aspects of development including Level Design, Animation, Coding, 3D Printing, Robotics and more!

Skills Taught:

  • Game Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
  • Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Teamwork


Game-U Accelerate Program


Taught using Project-based learning techniques, which ensures that students are learning the skills necessary for a career path. As part of their game development training, students learn the fundamentals of coding, using different languages such as C# and Javascript.

Game-U After-School Program

After School Classes

After school programs are available for all ages and designed by game industry professionals which teaches kids how to design and build their own video games and robots. We cover all aspects of development including Level Design, Animation, Coding, 3D Modeling, Robotics, and more!

Game-U Online Programs


Game-U LIVE creates a community of learners who continuously interact with our expert instructors. Besides offering courses that students can complete at their own pace, Game-U LIVE emphasizes the importance of feedback and live stream. Subscribers join instructors live to learn about game design, animation, 3D modeling, art, programming, and more.

Game-U Summer Camps Program

Summer Camps

Students will learn useful skills from game professionals while relating to something they are passionate about. Designed by game industry veterans from LucasArts, Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Activision, Game-U’s summer camp curriculum gives kids a fun, inspiring, hands-on learning experience!


Work with Game-U’s Pro instructors in specialized learning experiences on-site at Game-U or in your school. Workshops cover specific topics or projects and are available for multiple age groups. Students can learn game design, 3D modeling, art, animation, and more!

Homeschool Circle

Just for homeschoolers! Students work with each other and with instructors to study a wide range of topics, including game design, coding, animation, 3D modeling, and more, through project-based learning.


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After School Classes
Summer Camps

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