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Game-U goes beyond its brick-and-mortar studios! Through Game-U LIVE, kids and adults everywhere have access to live instruction from industry pros. If you can’t come to the classroom, the classroom comes to you!

Game-U LIVE works by creating a community of learners who continuously interact with our expert instructors. Besides providing a library of previous livestreams for students to access on their own time, Game-U LIVE emphasizes the importance of feedback and live stream. Subscribers join instructors live to learn about game design, animation, 3D modeling, art, programming, and more. Pick your topic and get started immediately!

Subscribing to Game-U LIVE takes the limits off learning. An online student gets instant access to all Game-U live streams. Miss a live stream? No problem! Watch the recording to catch up as you learn at your own pace. Game-U LIVE students can keep learning even when schedules or geographical location don’t permit on-site classes.

Visit Game-U LIVE to view subscriptions, prices, benefits, live streams, and more. Let us help you learn without limits!


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